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Attention: all FEMALE Patients (age 14 and older)

  • A new practice, CITY OF OAKS WELLNESS, is now accepting appointments for OB/Gyn and Primary Care services.

  • For scheduling or rescheduling at City of Oaks Wellness, please contact our current staff at 919-556-1008 today.

  • Please be aware they will have strict policies regarding no-shows and financial matters.

  • New Office Location: 1004 Dresser Ct, Ste 102, Raleigh, NC  27609


Attention: all MALE patients & all PEDIATRIC patients

​If you are having trouble finding another provider, please email us at


Over the years, our commitment to providing quality healthcare services to our community has remained unwavering.  However, like many healthcare providers, we are facing significant challenges with insurance company reimbursements that have made it unsustainable for us to continue providing healthcare services to our community the same as we have in the past.  Below you will find more important information to assist you with this transition.  



All medical records are confidential and protected by federal privacy and security regulations.  With your signed authorization, a copy of your medical record(s) can be released to you or transferred to your new provider.    


  • Those with portal accounts may access your medical records as usual for a limited time.

  • A Medical Records request/release form must be completed and returned to our practice as soon as possible with instructions of where to send your records.

  • After July 31, 2024, please email or call (919)556-1008 for copies of your records.

  • We ask for your patience while processing any record requests. 


We want to express our sincere gratitude for allowing us to be your healthcare provider.  It has been a privilege to serve you and we are saddened by the necessity of this decision.  Thank you for your understanding and support throughout the years.  We wish you the best of health and happiness.


regarding our New Bern Ave location:


Our closing date has now been extended to WEDNESDAY, JULY 31st, 2024.

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