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Galatians Community Health currently provides Prenatal and PostPartum Care.  When it's time to deliver, UNC/Rex Hospital and WakeMed offers the very best care during your labor and delivery.  

*New* - Galatians is participating in the ACURE4Moms study with UNC. We feel that it will help us learn how to improve the prenatal care and outcomes for all of our pregnant patients and their babies, but especially for our patients who identify as Black or African American. There are big differences in outcomes for Black versus White moms and babies and we want to play a part in changing this. For more information about the study, click here >


  • First, call us to schedule your initial appointment ASAP - (919) 556-1008

  • Drink lots of water

  • Eat real food! (fruits, vegetables, protein, fiber)

  • Avoid raw foods and limit caffeine

  • Find an over-the-counter prenatal vitamin you can tolerate

  • Exercise when you can, rest if you're not feeling up to it

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