Our Mission

 Galatians Community Health has plans to take over the A Plus Family Care patient population and broaden its healthcare service offerings! GCH will continue the A Plus mission and will add more services and resources for our community such as mental health, dental care, nutrition programs,
transportation, case workers, and programs for our youth. Under its new model, GCH will offer
continued care and will prioritize that goal by providing care in a manner that helps promote
wellness, preventive care, and healthy lifestyles for youth, adults, and the area’s most vulnerable
and needy families and individuals. 

Galatians Community Health will transform the healthcare experience in underserved
communities through a culture of caring, quality, safety, service, innovation, and excellence, and
be recognized by the community, patients, employees, and the community as the best place to
receive care regardless of their ability to pay. Our goal is to become synonymous with excellence
in care, embodying an organization of people working together to do the right thing every day to
improve the health and well-being of those we serve regardless of their demographic or
circumstances. We will promote patient/physician interaction and continuity so we can
tremendously affect a patient’s compliance with a treatment plan or a wellness regime.
In order to continue to achieve our mission of decreasing the overutilization of our hospital
system for non-urgent matters, decreasing the mortality rate in African American women, and
providing care to the underserved we need your support. Your donation will help someone get
the services they need to live a healthy, wholesome, and wholistic life. We never know when we
or someone we love could need that life-changing level of care.
We are asking that you make your tax-deductible financial donation today, in support of health
care for our neighbors. As a 501c3, nonprofit organization, our needs are great. Your gracious donation will go toward Galatians Community Health operations. This will be instrumental in providing resources for our community.


Image by Kelly Sikkema

Give Back

 Galatians Community Health, relies on donations from the public to keep our doors open and continue with the work we are trying to do. Your generous donation is deeply appreciated.